Recreation Center Receives Donations

Students at Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Center were all smiles as they opened packages of supplies donated by Mr. Larry Smith of Las Vegas, Nevada, Ms. Mary Martin of Norfolk, Virginia, and Ms. Mamie Ruth Moore of Chesapeake, Virginia.  The three are all relatives of the center’s director, Mildred Moore.  They visited the center during a family reunion outing and were so impressed with what they saw that they wanted to help.  The students and volunteer staff members thanked the family members for their timely donations.

Seniors Attend Older Adult Health Care Luncheon

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Mildred Moore, director of Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation, recently escorted a group of senior citizens from the Scotland Neck Senior Center to Rocky Mount OIC Center to participate in an Older Adult Health Care Luncheon.  The luncheon was sponsored by the Health Access Coalition of the NC Justice Center and AARPNC.  Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation and Scotland Neck Senior Center are two community facilities working together for the good of Scotland Neck and surrounding Halifax County.

Recreation Center Students Donate Vegetables to Senior Center

Students from the Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Center donated fresh vegetables to the Scotland Neck Senior Center. The vegetables were grown by the youth at the center with the help of Master Garden.  The students learned about the different types of tomatoes and other vegetables.  The gardens are one of the many activities done each year at the SNERF center.

Barnes Designs Bulletin Board

Ms. Elsie Barnes, newly elected board member of Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation, stands beside a bulletin board she designed that focuses on the importance of reading.  Ms. Barnes, a retired telecommunications manager for AT&T, resides in the Mary’s Chapel community.  The students and volunteer staff members at Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation welcome Ms. Barnes with outstretched arms.

Students Engage in Memory Skills Game

Students get a chance to test their memory skills in a game of “Around the World” with volunteer Rosa Williams.  In this game, students are given a chance to tell what they would like to take with them on their trip around the world, after memorizing what former group members would take.  Memory games are just a few of the activities that are practiced at Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation. Rosa Williams, teacher assistant for Princeville Montessori School in Princeville, enjoys volunteering at the center.

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Students at Center Learn Woodworking

SNERF Director Mildred Moore showcases one more of her many talents as she teaches the students how to build a bookshelf.


Students help Mrs. Moore with the assembly of the shelves.


Ta da! A finished shelf. One more useful skill students are exposed to at the Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Center.

Summer Food Program Greatly Appreciated

Thanks to the support of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, students were able to enjoy a nutritious breakfast and lunch free of charge during the summer program.  The breakfasts and lunches were made available to the entire community.  Director Mildred Moore stated that approximately 2,400 meals were served during the summer program. Mrs. Moore, along with the entire staff of volunteers, appreciate all the support it receives from the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  Jalexus Alston, a third grader at Scotland Neck Primary was one of the many children that enjoyed the food.

“The food was great,” she said. “I always look forward to coming to the center to eat breakfast and lunch with my friends.”

Senator Jones Visits Center

State Senator Edward Jones made a stop at the Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Center recently. Senator Jones encouraged the kids to “Never be so busy that you don’t know what’s going on around you.”  He challenged the students to see how many could make all As once school starts.

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In addition to encouragement, Senator Jones quizzed the students about their schools, county, state and nation. Students who were able to give correct answers were pleasantly surprised with rewards.  Director Mildred Moore, center volunteers and the SNERF students all thanked Senator Jones for visiting.

Lloyd Brothers Tour WYAL Station

Two SNERF center youth recently got a chance to see radio operation first hand.  Ju’Twon and Shikeem Lloyd, two students at the Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation center, toured the WYAL radio station along with SNERF Director Mildred Moore.  Shawn Lee, from WYAL 1280 radio, entertained the director and youth. Ju’Twon and Shikeem also got a chance to talk about the recreation center and the activities they participate in there.

Center Gets $3,000 Grant

The Halifax County Commissioners recently approved the funding of a $3,000 recreation grant for the Scotland Neck Education and Recreation Foundation (SNERF). The youth center will be using the funds to construct a basketball court to implement the project “1 on 1: Creating the Best You on the Court of Life.”

The project was designed by center volunteer Yolanda Wiggins, a Halifax County Schools’ educator and NCSU Northeast Leadership Academy fellow. The project emphasizes various character traits while simultaneously teaching basketball skills. Center volunteers will develop curriculum and teach character sessions.  These character lessons will be incorporated into basketball clinics so that students have hands-on application of the character traits.

Center Director Mildred Moore and the center’s volunteers are excited about the grant and the possibilities it will bring to the students.